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Hi everyone!  The last few times I shared my Amazon favorites (here and here) they were a huge hit.  I thought it was time again to share what I’m loving.  I just ordered this bag and I can’t wait for it to arrive!  You can actually always check here, I have a list on Amazon where I save all of my favorites and I constantly update it!

Celine dupe | Makeup mirror | Bracelet Bag | Makeup brush cleaning mat | Cognac Bag | Pink tote | Beanie

Celine dupe – I just ordered this bag and I’m excited for it to arrive.  I’ve been drooling over the Celine for a while and I think the color of this bag is perfect for all year round.

Makeup mirror – It’s the exact same as this mirror but it’s much less!

Makeup brush cleaning mat – I use this mat to clean my makeup brushes and it’s the best ever.  I was so excited to find the exact same mat for only $9!

Pink tote – Can you believe this tote is only $15 and it comes in 16 different colors?!

Beanie – I love warm chunky beanies and I just got this one in grey.  It’s super cute!

Cognac bag – I’ve had this bag for a while and I get so much use out of it.  It’s gorgeous!

Bracelet bag – I have this bag is grey and it’s seriously the best bag.  But now it comes in this gorgeous taupe color and I want that too.

I hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by!

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