Info & Privacy

I’m fashion obsessed and anything I put on my website or social channels I honestly love!  However it’s so important to me that you know some other details.  I may receive a small commission from links you see on my website or social mediums (including but not limited to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter).  By clicking on a link and making a purchase through one of those links, I may earn a small commission.  In some cases I may even be given the merchandise by a retailer or brand that I wear or talk about through the above mentioned spaces.

With all of that said, its extremely important to me that you know I would NEVER put something on my site unless I myself love it!  What you see me wear and tell you I want is because I actually wear it, I actually want it, and 100% love it!  Everything on my site or social channels is 100% me and are MY opinions only!
Finally any information you provide to me through my website I consider confidential.  I do not sell, share or distribute your information with any third parties.  I also do not store private information in my site.  We do our best to be as secure and protective of your information.  Any information we collect is only used to contact you or send your direct correspondence like newsletters and emails about ME (MrsCasual)!